Content Marketing: How To Find New Ideas

Even as a frequent blogger, writer’s block is still one of the most dreadful things I consider in the world— and I’m sure all you content marketers out there perfectly understand where I’m coming from.

Considering content is the most valuable tool in online marketing, it’s crucial to come up with ideas as often as one can and present them in creative ways. It’s one way to compete and stay on top, at this point where countless content can be found all over the web.

Now as someone who thrives on content marketing, how do you deal with writer’s block?

I’ve prepared for you today 9 tips to continuously fuel your mind with ideas and convert it into outstanding, buzz-worthy content. It may not seem like you need this now but I assure you, it always comes as a surprise when you run out of bullets.

Take a walk.

This is probably one that applies to me the most. Whenever I realize I’ve been sitting in front of my laptop for too long without producing anything, I get the hint: I need to step back and take a walk. It reboots me in a way when I get to take a 5-minute break and just smell the breeze outside my house. Go ahead and give it a try.

Unearth old entries.

The beauty about maintaining a blog is that all your entries are kept from the very first day to your recent. So when you feel like you’ve racked your brain long and hard enough but still nothing comes out, go back to your old entries. I’m pretty certain you’ve already generated more audience now so your new readers won’t really notice. Besides, it’s a nostalgic experience worth sharing to your audience, right?

Watch a movie, check out the TV or read a book.

See what the current interest of your audience is. If you’re supposed to write a review about a TV show, then watch as many episodes as you can. If you’re doing an assessment about soap operas then try to catch them on the tube as well. Be influenced and be inspired by literature if you want to achieve a certain tone for your writing.


Now this is a very, very useful way to generate content marketing ideas. If you have a very concentrated audience and centered topic, the best way is to interview an expert about it. It’s a way for you to get only the information you need to share with your audience. From there, produce it as a video or written content. 

Change your medium.

See, you can have the same idea but executed in a different way. If you’ve already produced content through a blog post, why not make an infographic or a short video about it? It’s all about reinventing you ways while you present the same thing. I know you understand just how hard it is to always come up with concepts. In fact, it’s tricky to find something new but knowing how to show it to your audience differently is what will make you go farther. 

Get your readers’ opinions.

I believe this is also one of the most effective ways for you to find new ideas to produce content for. Asking your audience what they want to learn about makes them feel as if they really are needed. In fact, they are so why not bank on it and take a step further? Instead of just needing them as readers, give them the opportunity to recommend as well. Trust me, your audience actually knows a lot, considering the amount of time they spent online.

Share your shortcomings.

You know what your audience appreciates? An empathic reader. People would rather listen to someone who doesn’t brag. They would go for those who humble themselves enough to share their failures and their learning from it. It would certainly be a lot more sincere for your shortcomings to be out there. This gives your audience the idea that you’re not just a privileged person who gets to post their “blah-blah-blah’s” without any first-hand experience.

Use names that will connect with your audience.

When you try to make examples in your content, try to use popular names to make it better. You want to be able to relate with your audience as much as possible. If you’re talking about technological tycoons who shaped the way we perceive cellular phones, then exemplify it with Steve Jobs. 

Stimulate your senses.

If your business is to promote local food, then of course you need to sensationalize the experience for you to come up with effective content. Visits to restaurants, food stalls and home cooking are compulsory. It will make things easier for you if you’ve personally experienced it. Remember: Learn to perceive, hear, smell, taste and feel your ideas to translate it as impeccable content. 

Generating ideas may come as a challenge but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. So whenever you feel like you’ve written, drawn or recorded yourself into a corner, then remind yourself the many ways you can get yourself out of it.

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