Content Management System

If you are serious about generating leads online, you should use Content Management System for your website.

Since Google Panda and Google Penguin update took effect last 2010, there’s been a continuous effort to eliminate low quality sites, which consist of poor, little or no content at all. That’s why fresh content has become increasingly important if you want to enjoy a high ranking in search engine.

If you need any of the following, then you need a CMS powered website. You will need this if you want to turn your website into a marketing engine.

  • Ability to publish new content easily, such as news, research data, blog etc.
  • Ability to create any number of form easily so that you will be able to capture lead from the website.

Benefits of Using Content Management System

Easy to update

The editor can create new content or update an existing one without programming. This application has simplified the chores of updating a website. Creating a new web page on our Content Management System solution is as easy as filling a form. Contact us today to arrange for a free demo.

Decentralized maintenance

With Content Management System, you will be able to maintain the website, anywhere, using any computer, as long as you have a browser and Internet connection.

Flexible Product Photo Display

Upload unlimited photos of your products and display according to how you want it. Thumbnail version will be created automatically. By clicking on these thumbnails, your customer will able to view enlarged photos. AJAX popup can be integrated.

Fine Grained Access Control

Well-defined security model that enables you to assign only necessary permission to the personnel that needs to maintain the website.


The website is built based on the agreed custom design. All the new pages created by you and your editor will follow the design closely. You don't need to possess professional knowledge to create a new web page that is consistent with the other pages.


New features can be added to an existing website easily by installing a new module to the Content Management System. Customizing the system based on your business requirements can be done easily, and you can always deploy new features to the website later without the need to redevelop it.

Low Cost of Ownership

The technology of Content Management System allows you to maintain your website yourself; hence you save money on the maintenance, because you do not need to hire a developer to do the work.

Payment integration with paypal and bank transfer

Let your customers choose their made of payment, either via PayPal or Bank Transfer. For customers choosing to pay with PayPal, will be redirected to PayPal when the order is submitted. For customers who choose Bank Transfer, they will receive an email with the details of payment information.
Other payment methods like COD, Invoice to Company are supported too.

Performance Tracking

Statistic Modules on the CMS together with using Google Analytics can help you understand your visitor. Only when you have the data on hand will you be able to understand and make necessary tuning for better traffics and conversion.

Split Testing and Optimization

With the use of CMS, you will be able to perform more advanced optimization like A/B Testing or even Multivariate Testing. Conversions can only be improved over time if you are doing testing.