5 Rules to follow for Highly Usable Website

Your website is the reflection of your business. When we deal with it, it is definitely worth to pay extra attention to the details to make sure the website works properly and serve it's purpose well. Following are five important rules to follow to make sure that you have a modern website that is professional.

Simple Navigation

Usability and simply navigation are very important, and many websites have failed to do this well. Your website has to provide a clear and simple navigation menu so that even my grandma will know how to use it. Our goal is always to make sure that the user can move from one page to another without too difficult or too much thinking process. It should be clear distinct for clickable and not. You don't want a user to mouse over to find out if it is clickable or not.

Indicate clearly visitor's location

When visitors are deeply inside your website, we always need to ensure that visitor know exactly where they are, and they know how to move to next relevant section easily, again, without too much thinking process, and without too many clicks.

Splash Pages is so 90's. Don't use it.

Splash pages are an introductory page to your website. Splash page usually has logo, business name, some images and words like "welcome" or "enter site". In fact, it has no or little use. They do not deliver any information or messages to your visitor. Worst, they prevent your reader to enter your website directly, and some studies show that 25% of visitors left a sight right after seeing a splash page.

Don't place Banner Ad Everywhere

Banner Ad that is place everywhere, even in the middle of the paragraph is so annoying to most user, and most people are going to ignore your banner ad anyway, so why are we wasting valuable website real estate for an ad that will bring us little or no revenue. Instead, you should focus on provide better content and includes only relevant affiliate links into your content, and let your visitors feel that they want to buy instead of being pushed to buy.

Avoid audio if possible

Avoid audio if possible, if not, at least, don't automatically play the audio as soon as the page is loaded. Your visitor might be in the office when he visits your website, and you don't want him got embarrassed and shocked by the audio that play automatically. If it is necessary to add audio, make sure that site visitor is given the power to mute it.

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