Can't Add Products to the Cart

One of our client recently told us that one of her customer is not able to add any product to the shopping cart, nor login to the website. We think that it is a problem with the browser cookie not enabled.

Good Website Design Principles

Your business website the front door of your business resides on the internet. It is like the flagship store or headquarters of a company in offline world. Because of that, it is very important to observe a few design principles to make sure your site reaches out as far as it can, and convert as many visitors possible.

Why does my business need a website?

Does every business need a website? Well, this is the question only the business owner can answer. However, the answer is generally YES!!! This is because, if you don’t do it, your competitor is going to do it and snatch your market share.

“Well, but, my products and services can’t really sell online, why do I need a website?”

Ask yourself, ask your co-worker, how many times in recent years that you have asked your favorite search engine, about the information, products and services you need? I believe that should answer the question.

5 Rules to follow for Highly Usable Website

Your website is the reflection of your business. When we deal with it, it is definitely worth to pay extra attention to the details to make sure the website works properly and serve it's purpose well. Following are five important rules to follow to make sure that you have a modern website that is professional.

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