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5 Easy Steps to Effective Landing Page

Landing pages are like your forefront warriors in battle. They are the first in line and are trusted to get as much enemies as they can before all the other knights follow. They try to make everything else easier for the fleet.

In the realm of landing pages, we don’t really call them ‘enemies’. Instead, we regard them as leads that can be eventually converted into sales.

Introduction to Landing Page

Whenever I deliberately visit or stumble upon a website, the first page I see can either turn me off or get me hooked. That’s why I am a firm believer of creating landing pages that work because really, it determines whether or not a website visitor would bother to click further.

For this post, we’re going to talk about the introduction to landing page design. This can be especially helpful for those who’s just starting out or even those who are looking to give their website a complete do over.

To get us started, let’s define what a landing page is.

Pinterest Your Way To More Sales!

Pinterest is a social network revolution. I must confess, I’m hooked not only because it’s down right addictive. It’s also about the way this social media heavyweight has managed to help businesses make more money! 
Today, I’m going to use my Pinterest addiction to help all you online marketers. We’ll explore not the potential but the surefy benefits of using this social network to drive more sales for your business.
I believe there’s nothing like laying out the facts the way numbers do. So to start this off, I’m going to well, pin down the numbers for you to see just how massive Pinterest is.

The Basics of Lead Nurturing

When you think of the word nurturing, what comes into your mind? I’ll give you three words that I can associate with it: keeping, caring and sustaining. 

Now in terms of online marketing strategy, such a word goes a long way too. If you’re familiar enough, I’m sure you’ve heard about lead nurturing. This is where you’ll feel the sense of responsibility for your market. Possibly even the same way you’ll feel if you’re nurturing someone near and dear to you. 

Today, I will be discussing that to you in a more basic and introductory way. This will be greatly helpful to all you beginners out there who are just getting to know the in’s and out’s of inbound marketing.


First Stop: What Is Lead Nurturing?

Online Lead Generation 101

Have you ever experienced subscribing to a magazine you’ve recently discovered? You filled out a form, sent it back to the publication, expecting to have more issues on your doorstep?

Well, that act of your signing up is what can be considered as lead generation for the publishing company. At this point in time though, lead generation comes in a lot more forms than just magazine subscription.

For this post, I’m going to talk about the basics of lead generation: its definition, how to do it right and things you need to remember.

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