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5 Ways Social Media Benefit Ecommerce

Social media has come to influence ecommerce in such a huge way. In the apparel segment alone, 43% of the population purchase and discuss apparel in various social media platforms.

While it is widely known for discussions, social media goes beyond it. It’s become a vehicle to get one’s products out there, market to a wide range of possible and current customers as well as gain more popularity online. It’s as if online stores have been given a megaphone to reach out to their market.

How to Best Use Twitter to improve Your Ecommerce Site

The influence of social media on ecommerce is undoubtedly strong. One of the most prevailing platforms online sellers have always found useful is Twitter.

With over 115 million active monthly users and 135,000 users signing up everyday, you have to be crazy not to tap into this market to grow your market, web traffic and even your ROI.

If you’re in need of a little help, here are some of the best ways you can use Twitter to improve your ecommerce efforts.


1. Create a posting schedule.

Top 4 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce

There’s no question that social media has revolutionized the way online selling works. Considering the billions of active users from all across platforms, you’ve got to be ridiculous not to include social media campaigns to better your ecommerce efforts.

Nowadays, customers are compelled to constantly be in touch with their favorite stores. That’s why they make use of social media to always be in the know. So in order to maximize the potential these platforms have for your store, you’ll need to know the best ways to go about it.

How to Nail an Instagram Campaign for Ecommerce in 6 Steps

With over 130 million active monthly users who reach over 1 billion likes a day, Instagram is one platform that’s not kidding around. Now that it’s got Facebook under its skin plus a recent video feature, you have to be crazy not to see the business potential here.

The fact is local ecommerce sites should learn to leverage more on Instagram in order to better market reach, engagement and hopefully, see a significant increase of ROI as well.

Your Step By Step Guide To Create a Facebook Business Page

If there’s one thing Facebook has done, it’s to revolutionize the way we connect with people online.

This social networking site has done more than help people make new friends. Through a business perspective, it has made a great impact on market expansion and profit generation— which all starts in making just one page.

For this post, I’m going to walk you through creating a Facebook page for your business step by step. Along the way, I’m going to let you in on different tips to making this page work.

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