4 Must have Google Tools for Online Business Owner

Running an ecommerce site can be a lot of work— even if it’s just a local store you’re managing. Like in any battle, you need certain weapons to claim victory. In this case, specific tools can help get you through the job.

If you’re in need of a little helping hand to make your ecommerce efforts count, help you save time as well as money, here are some of the most efficient Google tools you should be using.


1. Google AdWords

3 Essential Do’s and Don’ts of Fashion Ecommerce

One of the biggest challenges of fashion ecommerce owners is getting customers— especially if you’re just starting out. Since fashion has become such a strong force to ecommerce over the last years, it’s best to know both best practices and worst mistakes you can ever commit.

To get you started, get to know these essential do’s and don’ts of fashion ecommerce.

5 Ways Social Media Benefit Ecommerce

Social media has come to influence ecommerce in such a huge way. In the apparel segment alone, 43% of the population purchase and discuss apparel in various social media platforms.

While it is widely known for discussions, social media goes beyond it. It’s become a vehicle to get one’s products out there, market to a wide range of possible and current customers as well as gain more popularity online. It’s as if online stores have been given a megaphone to reach out to their market.

How to Best Use Twitter to improve Your Ecommerce Site

The influence of social media on ecommerce is undoubtedly strong. One of the most prevailing platforms online sellers have always found useful is Twitter.

With over 115 million active monthly users and 135,000 users signing up everyday, you have to be crazy not to tap into this market to grow your market, web traffic and even your ROI.

If you’re in need of a little help, here are some of the best ways you can use Twitter to improve your ecommerce efforts.


1. Create a posting schedule.

5 Ways to Maximize the Use of Hashtags for Ecommerce

Hashtags have proven to be more than just a trend. While Twitter catapulted it to our daily map in the year 2007, it’s been adapted by other platforms for a better user experience. Nowadays, hashtags are everywhere and are being used by both users and businesses to be fond.

Just before we go any deeper, let me help you get in and around the basics of a hashtag.


What is a hashtag?

Top 5 Ecommerce Tips to Improve User Experience

User experience plays a critical role in ecommerce. No matter how well designed your online store is if you fail to provide your customers with the kind of shopping experience they expect, then it’s no use at all.

Say your site’s overall look is amazing but you fall short in showing your shoppers shipping estimations as they go along the way. This easily affects the way they assess your online store usability.

But before we go any deeper into the subject, allow me to define what user experience is and all about.


User Experience

Top 4 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce

There’s no question that social media has revolutionized the way online selling works. Considering the billions of active users from all across platforms, you’ve got to be ridiculous not to include social media campaigns to better your ecommerce efforts.

Nowadays, customers are compelled to constantly be in touch with their favorite stores. That’s why they make use of social media to always be in the know. So in order to maximize the potential these platforms have for your store, you’ll need to know the best ways to go about it.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords are one of the most powerful tools you’ll come across as an ecommerce practitioner. Considering it is run by today’s influential search engine and they pop up as results, you have to learn how to properly harness them to your advantage.

Even as a local business, you have a shot at becoming successful in getting CTR’s and conversions from your Google ad placements. So here are a handful of helpful tips to get better results (and hopefully better sales) with your Google AdWords campaigns.


Tips to craft better PPC Ads

 Pay per click advertising for ecommerce can be tedious work. Considering the amount of products/services and even the keywords you have to deal with, it can be overwhelming to constantly create ads that actually click.

While it is challenging, there are ways for your PPC ads to become worthy of your investment. Since there are a lot of benefits you can reap from them, there’s no point in wasting time sticking with ads that can’t convert.

How to Nail an Instagram Campaign for Ecommerce in 6 Steps

With over 130 million active monthly users who reach over 1 billion likes a day, Instagram is one platform that’s not kidding around. Now that it’s got Facebook under its skin plus a recent video feature, you have to be crazy not to see the business potential here.

The fact is local ecommerce sites should learn to leverage more on Instagram in order to better market reach, engagement and hopefully, see a significant increase of ROI as well.


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