Website Design

Custom Web Design to build your brand and generate leads

If you wish to build your brand and generate leads from the Internet, having a properly design website is the first step that you need to take.

What is a good and effective website?

Simple layout

Simplicity is the web design trend of Web 2.0 age. What you want is to create a focused and clean website focused on delivering your message, but not complex over design web page showcasing the capability of your graphic designer.

Clear and precise navigation structure

Before we even worry about the graphic design of a website, the most important thing is to ensure the navigation structure is logical. Have the design next, which should show the ease in navigation for your site visitors. You don’t want them sitting in front of the computer and wondering what to do next.

Design the content, not only the layout

As an Internet user, we are overloaded with loads of information and getting less patient. In order to capture the attention of the visitor and lead them to see what you want them to see, we need to design the content.

Good use of contrast, alignment, proximity and precedence

Making good use of contrast, alignment, proximity and precedence of the elements will create good visual indicators. This will lead the visitor to the destination easily and make the reading experience a good one.


This is probably the most important principle when it comes to design. According to Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think”, a web page should be obvious & self-explanatory. We need to sure that the visual explanation for everything is placed properly and the visitor is able to find the answers easily.
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Our Proven Web Design Process


This is the stage we sit down together to understand your business, your customers as well as their needs. The following will be done:
  • Project background study and goal settings
  • Requirement study and confirmation
  • SEO research


Everything is clear at this stage. A sitemap is developed and everyone is clear about the goal and the direction of the website. It is time to let the designer come out with the design concept as well as proper call to action graphic for the lead generation of your website.


Once creative is approved, it is time for the realization. Our developer will step in, and carry out the following activities:
  • Setup of content management system
  • Custom module development for special functionalities
  • SEO on page optimization
  • User testing


Once the website is live, it needs to be promoted in order to bring in traffic for your business. There are various strategies that can be deployed to promote a website, which are:
  • SEO
  • Email blasting
  • PPC advertisement
  • Social Media Campaign
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