5 Careless Ecommerce Mistakes You Might Be Making

One of the biggest reasons why some ecommerce websites fail is because they commit careless mistakes. Such petty lapses can lead to fewer customers, lower web traffic and not far behind, a poor ROI.

The good news is mistakes can be avoided and fixed. So take a look at this list of common ecommerce mistakes you might already be making.


Paid Shipping? Free Shipping?

Whenever we’re shopping online, we always try to get the best deal possible. As an avid fan of online shopping myself, I like to make the most out of my money— possibly even getting something free hopefully. That’s why I make sure where I buy online is a place where I can get the best value for my investment.

One of the factors that drives me to buy or not to buy something is shipping. I’m pretty sure it matters to you too.

Shipping is one thing that keeps or makes consumers avail of products/ services. That’s why today, I’m going to share more about the two kinds of shipping that can be both beneficial and risky for any business.

Why You Need Loyalty Programs

As a consumer myself, I like being entitled to exclusive discounts and privileged memberships. I’m a big fan of books so my local bookstore gave me a loyalty card, allowing me to get discounts. It really does make me feel special that’s why I enjoy going there and buying books from them.

As someone who thrives on business, I like the fact that consumers patronize businesses that make them feel special. One way clients enjoy such privileges is through loyalty programs— which is our topic for today.

SEO Your Way To The Top!

Have you ever wanted to be the first and above everyone else?

The first to win a race, the first to finish an exam, the first to pass with flying colors?

Growing up, I was just like you, wanting to be first in line because well, I always felt special and significant. Even now that I’m doing business online, I still crave to be the first. 

Today, we’re going to talk about being first among many ecommerce websites around. Our topic for today is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it can help you boost your ecommerce sales. But first, I believe discussing SEO should be in order before we delve deeper into the topic.

Make Your First Sale in 6 Easy Steps

One of the primary challenges an online marketer will face is bagging their first sale. Sure there’s the setting up of websites and social networking sites plus all the other expenses you have to cover. But there’s nothing more compelling and nerve-wracking than trying to make your first dollar.

If you ask any successful businessman/woman about the first sale they ever made, they’ll tell it as if it just happened minutes ago. The memory is so vivid because it’s just that overwhelming being able to convince someone that your business is worth the investment.

Pinterest Your Way To More Sales!

Pinterest is a social network revolution. I must confess, I’m hooked not only because it’s down right addictive. It’s also about the way this social media heavyweight has managed to help businesses make more money! 
Today, I’m going to use my Pinterest addiction to help all you online marketers. We’ll explore not the potential but the surefy benefits of using this social network to drive more sales for your business.
I believe there’s nothing like laying out the facts the way numbers do. So to start this off, I’m going to well, pin down the numbers for you to see just how massive Pinterest is.

Online Shopping: Blogshops VS Ecommerce Websites

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say online selling has revolutionized the way we shop.

As a consumer and internet aficionado, I prefer to find what I need or want online. It just takes convenience to a whole new level, doesn’t it?

Much as I like to talk about the wonders of online shopping, today I want to delve into the differences of using blogshops and ecommerce websites. I find this quite an important topic to cover so entrepreneurs know which is best for them.

But first, let me give you a quick rundown on the numbers just for you to see how big online shopping really is.

Inbound Marketing & Ecommerce: The Steps and Perks

If there’s one thing everyone finds therapeutic, it’s shopping. There are so many ways for customers to get what they want and for businesses to actually make customers want some more.

At this age of technological dependence, it comes as no surprise that online shopping is now a trend. In fact in Singapore alone, about 80% have already experienced shopping online.

7 Essentials For A Good E-Commerce Website

Are you planning to establish a website to sell your products and services?

If so, then you’d want an e-commerce website that will be most effective to you as a merchant and to your consumers as well.

We all know how powerful online selling has become. You can practically find just about anything being sold in seemingly countless websites all over the world.

So if you’re one who’s eyeing to have their own site for selling products and service, we’ve prepared for you an essential checklist to build an e-commerce website.


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